Hiking Hot Spots Near Reno, Nevada By Cort Christie

A great form of exercise that is adaptable to all levels of experience and fitness, hiking is one of the most family-friendly activities for all age groups. People who live near the Sierra Nevada Mountains can enjoy the added benefit of seeing gorgeous scenery during family hikes. Here are some excellent routes to try near Reno, Nevada.

1. Tahoe Meadows to Diamond Peak: While this route stretches over 11 miles, it gains only 300 feet, making it a manageable hike for most people in reasonably good shape. Even if you only hike part of the path, you will be able to view a variety of stunning pine and fir trees on the route.
2. Mt. Rose: A difficult 10-mile trail leads to this peak, but the views (including waterfalls, Lake Tahoe, and mountain greenery) are worth every uphill step. Once a volcano, today Mt. Rose itself is one of the prettiest parts of scenery for hikers.
3. Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop: Those with younger children will enjoy this 1.3-mile, mostly flat trail. With abundant flowers and wildlife to keep the hike interesting, this route provides fresh air and an introduction to botany for curious youngsters.
4. Donner State Memorial Park’s Nature Trail: Less than a mile long, this trail marks the place where the Donner Party famously attempted to cross the mountains in 1846-1847. The gruesome details of the party’s struggles will delight older children and those with a taste for the macabre.

About Cort Christie

For more two decades, Cort Christie has helped small-business owners in Nevada improve their operations by incorporating themselves. Since founding his first company at age 25, Cort Christie has helped more than 30,000 business owners build financially sound businesses. Today, Christie divides his time between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, where he enjoys hiking with his family.


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